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Great Gift Idea: Foodsaver Vac V2440 Vacuum Sealer  Item Number: T00003301001

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.
List: $199.99Order Yours: $179.99
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...you can't beat the flavor of plump crimson strawberries and tender young zucchini plucked straight from their green leafy vine. (Sure wish that sensation could last forever...) Control the quick effects of spoilage and master "just picked" freshness anytime your taste buds crave it.

  • Simple and easy to use.  30 seconds to seal in freshness.
  • Save time with pre-made meals.
  • Save money with bulk packaging.

Key Features:                                                                         

  • Home vacuum-packaging system vacuums, seals, and shuts off automatically with a single touch
  • Variable speeds; food-specific settings; Crush Free Instant Seal; sealing strip with nonstick coating
  • Full-sized vacuum channel catches overflow liquids and fits any size Food Saver bag; indicator lights
  • Dishwasher-safe antibacterial drip tray, bag material, accessory hose, and instructions included
  • Measures 16-3/4 by 9-3/4 by 4-1/2 inches

FREE With This Offer:                                                             

Accessories include a starter kit with bag material, an accessory hose, a quick-start guide, instructions, and an instructional DVD. The appliance measures 16-3/4 by 9-3/4 by 14-1/2 inches.

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How Will a Vacuum Sealer Save Me Time and Money?
  • Reduce grocery bills by buying in bulk. Simply vacuum package your purchases in portions that fit your family's needs and freeze for up to three years.
  • Prepare meals in advance. No time to cook? No problem. Prepare meals, vacuum package and freeze.
  • Reduce waste and spoilage. Freeze leftovers and extend the life of your food.
  • Keep food fresh 3-5 times longer.
  • Eliminate freezer burn.
  • Reduce product shrinkage.
  • Enhance product quality. 

Enjoy your garden year-round. Harvest at the peak of perfection, then simply blanch, vacuum package and freeze.

Combining a wide range of features and a heavy-duty design, this home vacuum-packaging system vacuums, seals, and shuts off automatically with a single touch. The unit provides variable speeds for different size bags and canisters, and food-specific settings that ensure a secure seal for dry or moist food. For vacuum packaging delicate foods, it even offers a Crush Free Instant Seal feature that immediately stops the vacuum process to prevent crushing. The unit's full-sized vacuum channel catches overflow liquids and fits any size Food Saver bag for maximum versatility, while its wide sealing strip with nonstick coating provides an extra-secure, airtight seal.

The vacuum-packaging system works with all Food Saver accessories and Food Saver bags, which are safe to freeze, boil, or microwave, and are proven to prevent freezer burn. Its built-in roll holder and cutter simplify making custom-size bags. Other enhancements include a new control panel, an easy-lock latch that secures the bag for vacuuming and sealing, canister mode, indicator lights that track the sealing process, and pen storage under the lid for convenient dating and labeling of bags. An extra-deep antibacterial drip tray removes easily and is dishwasher-safe.


Compare and Choose the Commercial Vacuum Sealer That's Right for You

VacMaster Commercial Vacuum Sealer Comparison Chart

Seal Bar
Cycle Time
Chamber Size
Rotary Oil Pump
Max. Seals/Day
Gas Flush
No Chamber
40-55 secs.
25 secs.
Yes/.25 hp
20 secs.
Yes/1.1 hp
20-45 secs.
Yes/1.5 hp
20-35 secs.
Yes/1.5 hp

For Household/Light Commercial Use

For Small Commercial Operations

Low Volume of Seals Per Day

High Volume of Seals Per Day

For Larger Commercial Operations

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See What Customers Are Saying...

"I recently ordered the Garden master Plus and the Food saver 420 from the online store of homesteadharvest.com.  I was very happy with their products and am service rating them a 10!"

-Alex Marine
Thurmont, MD


"I bought two industrial pressure canners for my business.  Naturally, I looked for the best possible price, both locally and on the net.  I saved $75 by going with Homestead Harvest.  What is even better is they were shipped almost immediately and I got them a few days later, quicker than if I had ordered them from the local kitchen store.

I would do business with Homestead Harvest again, no doubt about it."

Maritime Herbs - Hurricane, UT


"We recently purchased the cider press for our elementary school.  The cost of going on class trips has significantly increased over the years.  But as teachers, we still wanted to provide the learning experience to our young kindergartners and 1st grades.

The press was easy to put together and making the apple cider brought great joy and excitement to the children.  It was a great learning experience!  We are looking forward to many years of making cider with this great press!"

-Ellen Igo
Hawthorne Elementary School


"After years of use my Canner finally gave out and developed a crack in the aluminum pot. ( It was over 35 years old). After checking numerous web sites I found your's and surprisingly your price for the American 921 canner was the lowest of all places I had searched, including EBay.  It arrived undamaged and in a very timely manner.
I greased up the seals and "seasoned" it with heat and vegetable oil. I've found that this takes care of some of the discoloration from boiling water.

So far i have used it to can my first 4 bushels of tomatoes, 30 quarts of beets, 7 quarts of string beans and this weekend I'll be putting up around 20 quarts of Pasta sauce. The canner has performed flawlessly and your helpful hints on your website have been appreciated."


Paul Coffey, CEC
Owner, The Eclectic Gourmet


"The Pea Sheller that I purchased from you guys has been a life saver.  It has performed excellent and is still the talk of the neighborhood."

Roy J Breaux Sr.
Project Manager
Vulcan Power Services L.L.C.

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