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LITTLE SHELLER  Item Number: pea-sheller

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Taylor Pea Sheller aka the "Little Sheller"

Whether you're a small gardener or a professional grower, the famous "Little Sheller" or one of our commercial hullers, will take the work out of your pea and bean shelling. These machines are efficient, smooth running and easy to operate. Set up your farmstead pea shelling operation, call the neighbors to bring their peas and beans, and have a shelling party!! This is the pea and bean sheller to own for years and years of pea and bean shelling and huller quality performance. Many people are still using their Taylor Little Shellers after 20 years and still going strong.

The "Little Sheller" from Taylor is excellent for shelling black-eyed peas, crowders, lady fingers, white acres, English peas, and many others as stated by our customers.  It will also shell mature butterbeans.  On average, the "Little Sheller" will shell peas the size of black-eyes in 12 to 15 minutes per bushel; smaller peas, the size of lady fingers, in 15 to 20 minutes per bushel.  It is very simple to operate--place the peas or beans in the top tray and hand feed to the rollers, and the shelled pears are dropped into the plastic tray.  The hulls are discharged at the front of the machine.  Slight adjustments to the rollers allow you to shell large or small peas.  This durable machine has become a favorite for light commercial use as well as at home.  Many of the original machines sold in 1959 are still in use today!

Components and Specifications:

Motor 1/3hp 115 volt 60 hz, Top quality resilient mounted
Cord Heavy duty with ground (3 wire)
Rollers Special patented design made of dairy type, non-toxic neoprene
Shafts Special reinforced tri-stress steel
Rollers Designed for the "Little Sheller" from high tensile strength material
Pulleys Aluminum die cast
Gears High tensile strength steel for long wear
Frame Heavy duty all aluminum construction designed to provide rigidity
Receiving Pan 10 qt. removable plastic
Weight 35 lbs.
Operating Size 14" tall x 16.5" wide by 27.5" long

The Little Sheller Operation Instructions

The Little Sheller is simple to operate.  You will ordinarily have no problem shelling peas or beans right out of the field.  However, if you should encounter some difficulty, it may be necessary to loose the pith around the pea or bean before shelling.  This can be accomplished by (1) picking peas or beans one day and shelling the next day.  (2) When shelling on the same day they are picked, soak a few minutes in water before shelling.  (3)  When shelling many hampers in succession, wet your peas or beans down in hampers and allow to sit a few minutes, then start shelling.  It is not necessary to dry peas before shelling, as they shell extremely well when wet.  (4) If you find it necessary to store your peas in a cooler before shelling, allow them to return to room temperature or, to speed up loosening the pith, use one of the above methods.

Adjustment of rollers may be required when different size peas or beans are to be shelled.  There is no particular setting of rollers as this is done by operator for each type or size of pea or bean shelled.  We suggest using the following procedure to adjust the rollers:

Suggested adjustment of rollers:
  1. Remove the front hair guard to see the rollers and the light clearance between them.
  2. Using a 7/16" wrench, loosen the jam nut and screw (A&B) on top of the cross bar above both top roller bearings.  Loosen the wing nuts on front of the top bearings and slide bars.
  3. Facing the machine, jam screw down until it touches the top of the bearing block.
  4. On the right, the gears side, lower the top roller down so No light is showing between rollers on that side.  Turn jam bolt down until it touches the top of that bearing block.
  5. Tighten the wing nuts on front of both bearings.  Now shell a few peas of beans at different spots to determine the right amount of gap.  Then adjust the entire roller to that point of clear light.  Too much gap or clearance mashes peas.
  6. The jam screw and nut, (A) & (B) are put on the machines to keep the roller bearing from working up when shelling is done for a great length of time on the same setting.  The bottom roller should clear the breast pan wiper 1/32" to 1/16" at all times.  Bolts on these bearings should be kept tight.  Replace front roller or hair guard.  Adjust the inside guard down properly.
Feeding: In feeding the peas into the machine, spread your hands flat over the peas and with the side of your hand gently push them under the finger guard to the rollers several at the time, tip or bud end first.  Do not force fingers under roller guards.  Occasionally, switch off sheller and wipe off the pith which collects on the wiper below the bottom roller; this keeps the bottom roller from becoming too slick to twist the peas easily.  This residue is NOT usually mashed peas, but the pithy part of the hulls; occasionally there may be black streaks which are caused by the coloring in the neoprene rollers, this substance is non-toxic, but should be removed while moist.
Safety guards: Belt and roller guards should be used on all models at all times.  For your safety, keep fingers from under roller guards while machine is running.  Adjust your inside roller guard down properly allowing only clearance for size of peas shelled.
Bearings: Roller shaft bearings should be oiled with light mineral oil once or twice a day if in constant use.  These bearings are specially designed long life bearings.  We suggest after clean-up that you re-oil these bearings and run the machine a few seconds to prevent rusting of your roller shaft.
Belt adjustment: Belt should be kept fairly loose on the motor pulley.  Too tight an adjustment puts excess wear your roller and motor bearings.
Motor: The Motor is equipped with an approved ground cord.  Please connect the ground properly to meet your local wiring code.  When cleaning machine, do not allow water to get in motor.  Clean with light weight approximately twice each season.
Storing of Machine: Be sure after cleaning and washing your "Little Sheller" to re-oil all shaft bearings, gears and motor.  Follow other maintenance suggestions above.


Parts For The Taylor "Little Pea Sheller"

Item # Description Price
2A Complete Wiring Harness, Switch Cord and Pulley for Motors Listed Below 55.90
4A Motor 1/3 HP 169.00
5 12" Pulley 45.40
7 Motor Pulley 14.20
9 Belt 61" 36.20
10A Fully Enclosed Bell Guard and Bolts 122.40
17 Rollers Top and Bottom 215.80
19 Roller Guard Inside Tray 30.80
19A Roller Guard Outside 30.80
20 Roller Shaft Gears Set of 2 65.00
21 Roller Shaft Gear Cover 30.10
24 Teflon Bearings Complete Set of 4 111.12
25 Two Slide Bars and Complete Set Bolts 16.92
27 Complete Set Bolts and Nuts 31.66
28 Rubber Foot Grommets Set of 5 10.70
42 Plastic Receiving Pan 19.40
43 Receiving Pan Shield Narrow 10.60
43A Receiving Pan Shield Wide 10.80
48 Model 665 Frame 285.00
49 Model 675 Frame Without Front Assembly 249.45
50 Model 675 Frame Front Assembly 109.24
51 Decal Set(2-Warning, 1-Caution and 1-Name Label 6.00

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Parts for the Taylor "Little Sheller"

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