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Kinetic Kracker: Cracks 26 Pecans Per Minute - 1,560 Per Hour, Won't Over crack or Crush Nuts, and Easily Adjusts to Crack Any Size Nut.

...it was a thrill to take the wheel of dad's sputtering cherry-red tractor through the magestic pecan grove on crisp autumn afternoons.  (there was absolutely nothing quite as empowering...) Take command of your time and plow through bushels of robust nuts crushing the shells with a single mighty force that reveals tasty meats.

Operating instructions for the Improved Model Kinetic Kracker:

Place Kinetic Kracker on table so that you can see cradle area as it revolves, and be in a comfortable position to lay pecans in the cradle lengthwise.  The spring loaded automatically adjusting anvil will scoop pecans into cracking cup.  Pecan is cracked as cylinder revolves a few more degrees.

Pecans drop out bottom into your 2 x 8 x 8 inch pan or onto table, or you can make a trough for them to roll either direction.  Do not rotate shield too far back or cracked nuts will have difficulty dropping out. 

The small split piece of tubing is the cradle filter.  For the anvil to scoop up the nut and center it in the cracking cup, this part should be installed with one small screw if the nut is 7/8 inch or less in cross section diameter.  If nut is larger than 7/8 inch in cross section diameter this piece should be removed. 

Lubricate these parts as needed with machine oil.  Remove top of box assembly.  Put several drops of oil around the drive pin that rotates around the cam in box, and a few more drops to run down inside to reach the plunger.  Add a drop behind the cracking cup to lubricate the cracking cup shaft.  Add a drop to the anvil cam.

If necessary you may turn the cylinder by hand, counter clockwise direction as motor turns.  Remove shield and twist above the cradle area, and not by the cam.

You cannot disassemble most of this machine.  No parts, i.e., new motor, cracking cylinder assembly will be replaced unless broken or damaged part returned to manufacturer.

Over / Under cracking questions:

Often it is not the cracker but possibly a particular pecan or a unique wet or dry season.  Also cracking pecans too green or too dry can be another problem.  If you have access to another type of nutcracker such as a manual hand model, try some of your pecans in it to see if the same results occur.  Some years pecans will vary and may be full or the nut meat is meaty, which tends to crumble apart. 

However, the problem of Over / Under cracking can often be corrected by a slight change.

1.  Remove shield from the cylinder, and then turn the cylinder until the anvil drive pin rests on the flat surface of cam #2. Caution!  Be very careful not to turn cylinder further while working on this change, as releasing the anvil could injure your fingers. 

2.  Remove cradle by removing Philips head screw.

3.  Remove Philips head screw which attaches the rubber catch on the cracking cup to the main #1 cylinder.

4.  Remove cracking cup by sliding it entirely out of the cylinder.

5.  For over cracking:  Slide the 1/32" thick  white nylon spacer washer onto the cracking cup shaft.

6.  For under cracking:  Remove the factory installed 1/32" thick white nylon spacer washer from the cracking cup shaft.

7.  Re-assemble in reveres order.

The slightest adjustment in the stroke usually does the trick.  If future pecans seem to be a problem then you may need to change it back. 

After the first 50 pounds or as needed:

1.  Remove top of motor box and shield.

2.  Use 30 wt. motor oil ( 3 in one oil o.k. ) and apply with toothbrush or any small brush .  DO NOT USE WD-40!

a)  Cam #1 and Drive pin #1.  Reach as much of cam surface as possible and around drive pin and in slot pin travels.  Add a couple of drops of oil in this slot. 

b)  Cam #2 and drive pin #2 and in slot pin travels.  Do not add oil to anvil or spring as this only collects grit from broken shells.  Lube complete surface of cam that pin rotates.

c)  To lube CRACKING CUP SHAFT, push or pull anvil back and place anything approx. 1" wide between drive pin and frame to keep anvil out of the way.  Remove 1 screw from rubber catch on cracking cup and pull cup 1/4" to 1/2" out to lube.  Replace screw with washer.  Do not tighten.

DO NOT relocate any screws!  This can result in damaged parts.  Most screws are different lengths to avoid clashing with internal parts. 

For your information:  The two cams are synchronized to release anvil first and then cam #1 which causes the cracking action.

Again avoid lending your cracker out!

Key Features:                                                                     

  • Fully Assembled and Ready to Use.

  • 120 Volt

  • 60 Cycle AC

  • Fan Cooled Gear Motor cracks a nut with each revolution.

  • Adjustable Anvil adjusts to crack any size nut

  • Adjustable Shield prevents shell splatter.

  • One Year Guarantee

  • Size:  7" Tall x 6" Wide x 26 3/8 Long

  • Weight:  15 lbs.

  • Made in the USA.

Shop With Confidence:                                                  

  • Secure Shopping
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back
  • Easy Returns
  • Privacy Policy

No Sales Tax for U.S. Residents Outside of Minnesota

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