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Inertia Nutcracker Popular Rubber Band Model by Texan Nut Sheller

This fun to use nutcracker was invented by Dr. Haywood Turner. The nutcracker gets it's power and the produces "Whole Kernel" results.

Dr. Turner noticed that while his wife was cracking nuts there was a space between the shell and the nutmeat. If a quick impact could be delivered the shell would shatter before reaching the meat.

The means for providing the quick impact was decided upon was decided to be the common rubber band producing the kinetic energy. The desired result of whole kernels was produced by a restriction in travel of the impact through a piston to the note.

The impact was contained by placing a heavy anvil on the other side of the nut. Since heavy means difficult to move because of inertia, hence the name "Inertia Nutcracker". The cracker itself is classified as an impact type cracker.

Simply put, this baby really works. 100% satisfaction guaranteed, order online or call 1-888-WAYZATA.

Operating Instructions

Connect the two wooden dowels with 2 or 3 #64 rubber bands.  Place nutcracker at left end of table, with wooden stop block flush against left edge of table.  Place nut between sockets of anvil and cracking position with nut shell seated in each socket. 

With left hand, pull shield over nut to contain shell fragments, and to cock the piston.  With right thumb, pull knocker stick as far to right as it will go and release.  Slide anvil to left and let cracked nut roll out.


  1. Protect eyes from shell fragments as with any nutcracker.
  2. Avoid dropping as parts may be damaged or produce personal injury.
  3. Soak dry crumbly pecans in water for 8-12 hours.
  5. FREEZE BRAZIL NUTS.  Use 4 rubber bands and give full stroke to Brazil nuts and almonds.
  6. To replace rubber band on shield, align roll pin of anvil and center beam of flange, dropping rubber band behind wings of flange.  A sharp edge may cut shield rubber repeatedly.  Smooth this with file or sandpaper or touch with lacquer.

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