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Fruits  Item Number: fruits

Full sun, will tolerate light shade.
Needs a highly acidic soil of 4.0-5.0, do not like a clay soil.
Harvest when the green circle where the berry meets the stem disappears.
Bare-root plants should be soaked in water for an hour before planting.  Dig a hole 18-24 in. deep and 2 ft. wide.  Place plant evenly into ground and cover with dirt.

Full sun.
Prefer a soil ph of 5.5-6.0
Plant 5 seeds 1 in deep in hills spaced 4-6 ft. apart.  When seedlings have developed their third set of leaves, thin to 3 plants per hill.
Harvest when melons slip easily off of stems.

Full sun.
Prefer a soil ph of 6.0-6.8
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Full sun to partial shade.
Prefer a soil ph of 5.8-6.5.
Harvest when berry turns from a light red to a deep, darker red.  When it slips easily off the stem it is ready.
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Full sun.
Prefer a soil ph of 6.0-6.5
Harvest when fully red.

Full sun.
Prefer a soil ph of 6.0-6.8
Plant seed 1 in. deep in hills spaced 6 ft. apart in rows 7-10 ft. apart.  Thin to 3 plants per hill.
Mature in 70-85 days.
Harvest when stem shrivels and there is a hollow sound when knocked.

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