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BESTSELLER: Nesco American Harvest FD-1010 Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator  Item Number: FD-1010

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BESTSELLER: Nesco American Harvest FD-1010 Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator

Sample the delicious art of drying foods right in your own kitchen, with American Harvest�s most popular food dehydrator. This countertop treasure lets you prepare portable and healthful snacks for the entire family, including sweet dried fruits, mouth-watering jerky, and more. Preserve your fresh garden herbs for year-round use, or maintain the beauty of flowers from that special occasion � the possibilities are endless!

The Gardenmaster is equipped with 4 square feet of drying space to provide ample room for all of your garden delicacies. This model�s exclusive design grows with your family�s needs, expandable to up to 30 square feet. The Gardenmaster boasts 1000 watts of drying power, meaning it can dry foods in a matter of hours, not days. Because it�s so fun and easy to use, this family-friendly dehydrator is sure to be a favorite new addition to your household!

Key Features:

� 4 Square Feet of Drying Space � The Gardenmaster includes four trays measuring 1 square foot each, which means plenty of room for your fruit, meat, herbs, or anything else you can imagine! Place a different food on each tray to produce a variety of dried treats.

� Convenient Expandability � This dehydrator �grows� as your family grows! The Gardenmaster is expandable to up to 30 trays (available for purchase separately) for the ultimate in bulk drying. The drying pressure adjusts automatically to the number of trays inside.

� 1000 Watts of Pure Drying Power � Produce a batch of tasty, nutritious snacks in a record amount of time. No more waiting for days � dry beef jerky in 4 hours, apples in 4-6 hours, bananas in 5-8 hours, and fruit rolls in 3-6 hours!

� No Tray Rotation Necessary � Simply load up your goodies and walk away! The Gardenmaster does all the work.

� Patented Converga-Flow� Fan � This exclusive, whisper-quiet fan forces heated air up the exterior pressurized chamber, then horizontally across each individual tray, for fast and even drying. This helps preserve the integrity of each food item, so you won�t have to worry about flavor mixing!

� Vita-Save Exterior � This durable outer construction blocks light, which can rob your food of precious nutrients. With this model, the vitamins stay right where they belong � in the food!

� Adjustable Thermostat � Not all foods were created equal! This feature gives you the flexibility you need to fine-tune your temperatures between 90�F and 155�F. Having greater control over the temperature allows you to customize settings for the different kinds of food you are drying, which results in optimal taste and texture.

� Energy-Efficient � The Gardenmaster needs only minimal electricity to run, costing you only an average of 1 to 3 cents per hour of use. Compare that with the cost of baking with an oven for several hours!

When your order the Gardenmaster now, you also get these fantastic bonuses, absolutely free:

1 Solid Sheet: for drying semi-liquids such as soup or fruit, featuring a no-spill lip. Make tasty fruit roll-ups in a multitude of flavor combinations!

1 mesh Clean-A-Screen: for easy drying of garden herbs, flowers, and spices. Also great for making potpourri!

Jerky Spice Packet and Cure: All you need is the beef! Create hearty, delicious beef jerky in a matter of hours.

Find the Right Food Dehydrator

The American Harvest Food Dehydrator offers the option to add additional trays.  Perfect for your growing needs. 

  • Vita-Save Exterior helps block harmful light which destroys nutrients.

  • Patented Converga Flow Drying System forces air up the exterior pressurized chamber and across the trays for fast, even drying.

The TSM Food Dehydrator is made of stainless steel with a choice of chrome plated or stainless steel shelves.  With large large areas of drying space, these models provide a large output for heavy dehydrating.

  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel

  • Shelves Available in Chrome or Stainless Steel

  • Rear Mounted Fan

  • 1 3/4" Rheostat

Compare and Choose the Food Dehydrator That's Right for You

Food Dehydrators are available in a Full Range of Sizes to Fit Your Needs, ranging from 2.5 to 31 square feet of drying capacity.

Food Dehydrator Comparison Chart

Food Dehydrator Model
Drying Space
Stainless Steel
2.5 Sq. Ft. 5 425 To 7 Trays No
3 Sq. Ft.
To 12 Trays
4 Sq. Ft.
To 30 Trays
8 Sq. Ft.
To 30 Trays
16 Sq. Ft.
31 Sq. Ft.

New to Drying - Small Yield of Fruits or Vegetables...

New to Drying - Large Yield of Fruits and Vegetables...

Introduce yourself to drying with the Gardenmaster Plus Food Dehydrator or theTSM D-10 Food Dehydrator.  If you expect to do large amounts of drying,  choose the TSM D-12 Food Dehydrator to avoid having to upgrade.

Vacuum Sealing Dried Foods

Seal dried foods for longer shelf life.  For a compatible match, use the chart below to find the right size food vacuum sealer to coordinate with the food dehydrator you need.

Food Dehydrator Model
Food Vacuum Sealer
Foodsaver Vac 375

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See What Customers Are Saying...

"I recently ordered the Gardenmaster Plus and the Foodsaver 420 from the online store of homesteadharvest.com.  I was very happy with their products and am service rating them a 10!"

-Alex Marine
Thurmont, MD


"I bought two industrial pressure canners for my business.  Naturally, I looked for the best possible price, both locally and on the net.  I saved $75 by going with Homestead Harvest.  What is even better is they were shipped almost immediately and I got them a few days later, quicker than if I had ordered them from the local kitchen store.

I would do business with Homestead Harvest again, no doubt about it."

Maritime Herbs - Hurricane, UT


"We recently purchased the cider press for our elementary school.  The cost of going on class trips has significantly increased over the years.  But as teachers, we still wanted to provide the learning experience to our young kindergartners and 1st grades.

The press was easy to put together and making the apple cider brought great joy and excitement to the children.  It was a great learning experience!  We are looking forward to many years of making cider with this great press!"

-Ellen Igo
Hawthorne Elementary School


"After years of use my Canner finally gave out and developed a crack in the aluminum pot. ( It was over 35 years old). After checking numerous web sites I found your's and surprisingly your price for the American 921 canner was the lowest of all places I had searched, including Ebay.  It arrived undamaged and in a very timely manner.
I greased up the seals and "seasoned" it with heat and vegetable oil. I've found that this takes care of some of the discoloration from boiling water.

So far i have used it to can my first 4 bushels of tomatoes, 30 quarts of beets, 7 quarts of string beans and this weekend I'll be putting up around 20 quarts of Pasta sauce. The canner has performed flawlessly and your helpful hints on your website have been appreciated."


Paul Coffey, CEC
Owner, The Eclectic Gourmet


"The Pea Sheller that I purchased from you guys has been a life saver.  It has performed excellent and is still the talk of the neighborhood."

Roy J Breaux Sr.
Project Manager
Vulcan Power Services L.L.C.

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