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Apple Corer-Peeler-Slicer with Suction Base  Item Number: 88866

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Apple Corer-Peeler-Slicer

Made from cast iron, it's ready to mount on your counter or tabletop to peel, core and/or slice apples in seconds. This peeler also works well on potatoes. The suction base is ideal for thicker than average counters or tables. 100% satisfaction guaranteed, order online or call 1-877-300-3427.

Fasten the machine to a table

Push down on the latch and draw the shaft back to the right.  CAUTION-latch spring will stretch from excessive pressure so open it carefully.

Remove the stem from the apple and push the apple as far as it will go on the ford, stem end first.  Make sure the apple is lined up so the core follows the same axis as the shaft.

Turn the crank slowly, guiding the paring knife with your hand until the paring knife has started to cut the apple skin.  If the knife doesn't pass around the apple freely, guide it with your hand.  Sometimes the peel of a soft apple will clog the paring knife head, causing the knife to skip.  This can be avoided by clearing the knife to skip.  This can be avoided by clearing the knife head manually.

The machine is set for a 2.5" apple, and if you use larger or smaller fruit it may be necessary for you to adjust the gap between the paring knife and the paring knife head.  Set it to get the most efficient peeling action and to control the amount of peel removed.  This adjustment is made by loosening the screw and sliding the knife up for a deeper cut; down for a thinner cut.

Only fresh, hard fruit should be used.  Over-ripe or very soft fruit cannot be pared properly.

An occasional drop of oil on the upright sem on which the paring knife head turns may be necessary.  Apple juice is extremely sticky when it dries, so we recommend that you give the machine a throrough washing after each use.

Your machine has a coring slicer and the core size is fixed--be sure that the knife is set so the top of the knife is in line with the center of the shaft.

The machine can be made to pare only by removing the coring and slicing knife.

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